Have no doubt that the job will be done correctly

With Premier, you can be assured that the maximum amount of your hazardous waste will be recycled and re-used. Our recycling and re-use figures general exceed expectations.

The job done will be economically viable and at the best price. We don’t cut corners, yet we are known to get ahead of program targets and regularly beat them. You will experience fine-tuned logistics that we believe are second to none.

Issues arise when waste is moved under incorrect classification. You will probably have a Soil Investigation report and we will review it to see if further investigation is required. We may need to dig trial pits to establish the extent of the contamination. You will also get a clearer idea of what areas are contaminated.

To find out more about this more detailed investigation which will provide estimates of the volumes to be removed and the associated costs.

Please call 01784 472244, email info@premiermaterials.co.uk or complete our ‘call back’ form and we will be in touch within 2 hours.


Diverted from landfill whenever possible

Premier manages the excavation process and stay on site to supervise the work. This way, you can feel confident that the correct areas are excavated and the contamination is removed to its full extent.

The contaminated soils are loaded on to Premier lorries for removal. It then goes to a treatment plant for processing.

If you have a brownfield site, we move hazardous, non-hazardous and inert waste as most sites have a mixture of all of these.
The most common examples of hazardous waste are:

Asbestos contaminated Soils
Asbestos may be hand-sorted where possible on-site or at a treatment centre to reduce volumes sent to landfill.

Coal tar contamination
Coal tar tarmacs are treated and re-used.

Hydrocarbon contamination
Hydrocarbons are bio-remediated at the treatment centre to accelerate the breakdown.

Heavy metal contamination
Heavy metals are treated and stabilised at a treatment centre for reuse in restoration projects.

We can also take care of the non-contaminated soils which are removed for recycling and re-use, often in restoration projects.


Muck away audit

We don’t just stop there. The site is validated to ensure contaminated soils are fully removed. The final stage is a full environmental audit in co-operation with site management to prove all contaminated soils have been removed.

If you desire, a full environmental audit report can be prepared.

The report will include:

• Record of loads leaving the site
• Carriers details and registration
• Disposal points and permits
• The extent of recycling, treatment and re-use
• Shows compliance to legislation and regulations.
• Demonstrates that wherever possible, soils are being recycled and reused, avoiding landfill
• Further enhance green credentials

To get more information on how Premier can take of your contaminated soils problem:

Please call 01784 472244, email info@premiermaterials.co.uk or complete our ‘call back’ form and we will be in touch within 2 hours.